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In January 2018, Serêkaniyê-based director and photographer Azed Evdikê is in Afrin a few days before the Turkish attack on the city. He came with a caravan of artists to prepare a week of cultural activities that were supposed to celebrate the coexistence in peace of the many nations, languages and cultures of the city. The art week will never be celebrated. Azad lives and recounts the hours preceding the invasion of the city by the Turkish army and their jihadist allies and the tragedy of the tens of thousands of people forced to leave their homes to escape the massacre carried out by the occupiers.


Original Title: Sîka Çiya yê Kurmênc
International Title: Shadow of the Kurdish Mountain
Director: Azad Evdikê
Duration: 22’
Gender: Documentary
Original Language: Kurdish
Production Country and Year: Northern and Eastern Syria Federation-Rojava, 2018
Production: Banos Film
Director of Photography: Alberto Garcia
Editing: Azad Evdikê
Music: Mahmoud Berazi

The Director

Azad Evdikê was born in Serêkaniyê in 1977. He was a teacher but the Rojava Revolution changed everyone’s life, and it changed his too. He was always interested in cultural works and he as always been in love with cinema. He is the founder of Banos Film. First established in Serêkaniyê in 2018, Banos had as main purpose that of providing a space where it was possible to find films, but also courses, workshops, support for initiatives to be carried out in schools, etc. In the BANOS premises in Serekaniye people were able to share stories, memories, which served to rebuild the historical memory of the city for a future of peaceful coexistence. In October 2019, however, Turkey occupied Serekaniye and Azad and the other members of Banos, like tens of thousands of people, were forced out of the city. Banos reopened in Qamishlo also thanks to the support of Bolzano Province, and continues its activities there.